Lynette Davis is an educator, author and survivor. Her memoir Even Rain Is Just Water draws attention to narcissism’s mounting prevalence, as she joins the growing number of people speaking out about the ill effects of such relationships. One of the hallmarks of narcissism is lack of empathy which occasions emotional abuse.

Emotional child abuse interferes with a child’s cognitive, emotional, psychological and social development. As a result, an emotionally abused child may seem quiet or shy, may not socialize well, may not apply themselves in school, and may daydream a lot.

The effect of emotional abuse on adults is usually damaged self-confidence and self-esteem, to the point that they may not be able to make decisions for themselves, for fear of making the wrong decision. Many victims of emotional child abuse develop trust issues. And many tend to be loners.

Even Rain Is Just Water follows Davis on a journey of self-discovery from a lonely little girl coming-of-age in Florida during the Civil Rights Era through her adult years. The narrative chronicles a daughter’s quest for love and acceptance that transcends into adulthood–illuminating how childhood emotional trauma also shapes adult identity.

Davis looks forward to developing her role as an advocate for adults who suffered emotional child abuse. She recommends The Invisible Scar, a blog supportive of adults who were emotionally abused as children. In addition, readers can connect with Davis via Twitter @wewalkbyfaith88 or her blog Memoir Notes where she curates posts on writing tips, marketing and publishing, specifically geared towards memoir writers.

Davis received her B.A. in English from California Baptist University and has facilitated writing workshops in the Inland Empire, California. She also studied Rhetoric and Composition for two years at California State University San Bernardino. In addition, her short narrative, “The Fatal Blow,” is featured in the anthology I am Subject: Women Awakening: Discovering Our Personal Truths Fall 2014, a collection of stories featuring women  re-claiming their lives in life-altering moments.

Davis currently lives in Southern California with her family. Even Rain Is Just Water is her first book.